Friday, April 29, 2016

Binxy Baby (discount coupon inside)

Once upon a time, grocery shopping was a team sport that my husband and I would confidently divide and conquer. Then our son was born. All of a sudden our well oiled machine fell apart and going to the grocery store was full of tears and screaming; not to mention the baby wasn't enjoying it either. First I tried carrying him. This left me unable to push the grocery cart and I didn't have enough hands to hold any groceries. Next, I put his car seat in the cart. It took up so much room I couldn't buy anything. Finally, we decided to bring the stroller into the store. However, inevitably my son decided it was time to eat mid-way through our shopping trip. This lead to my husband having to push the stroller and pull the grocery cart by himself while I nursed our screaming son; see the result below (this photo was not posed; my husband didn't even know he was being photographed).
Then I discovered BinxyBaby, a genius product that is essentially a hammock for the shopping cart. It can be used with the baby strapped directly into a three point harness, or you can place the car seat in the BinxyBaby and secure the car seat with a long strap.

Grocery shopping has never been my favorite thing, but with BinxyBaby Luke loves the feeling of riding in the grocery cart. I no longer have to rush through the grocery store as quickly as possible because my son is having a melt down. Plus, as a bonus I get to look down and see his sweet little face. 
So far we have successfully shopped at Trader Joes, Vons, Albertsons, and Target. Of the places tried, the only carts I wasn't able to use Binxy with were Babys-R-Us; the Velcro straps that secure Binxy to the cart aren't quite long enough to fit through their cart holes and secure properly.

While the BinxyBaby is a pricey purchase, the peace of mind that comes with my son being safe and happy is more than worth it. As a special thank you for reading my review, here is a 10% off Coupon for BinxyBaby.

- Value: 4/5
- Functionality: 4/5
- Ease of use: 5/5
- Appearance: 5/5

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